By: PBR MEXICO  Monday, April 4, 2016 @ 3:56 PM


 With riders from 5 countrys and more than 24-tons of fury and strenght from the bucking bulls, the first PBR Mexico 2016 Touring Pro Division event was held during the celebrations of the 50 anniversary of Guadalajara’s Expo Ganadera in front of a sold-out crowd that didn´t stop of cheering up the riders and enjoyed all the emotion of the “toughest sport on earth”.

In a night full of emotions the bulls didn’t let the riders take the victory since only 5 riders were able to make the whistle. The only riders that successfully made the 8 second mark were:


1.-Nestor Valtierra           81.5 pts.           Jalisco México

2.-Ricardo Orozco            79 pts.              Guanajuato México

     Gilberto Guzmán         79 pts.             Jalisco México

3.- Francisco Morales       75pts.               Guanajuato México

4.-Alejandro Gamboa       68.5pts.             Alajuela Costa Rica